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Successful and Confidential Exits for Small Business Owners

Successful and Confidential Exits for Small Business Owners

Business Brokerage and Exit Planning help small business owners prepare for a business transition or exit. We maintain confidentiality while getting the best price for a business sale.

Advance planning for an eventual exit can have a big impact on the final financial reward that a business owner can realize from the sale of the business.

Our customers explain it best:

had a great experience with selling my company They held my hand and walked me through from the beginning to the end of the process couldn’t have made it any easier. – June

– Joshua is a real professional. His knowledge and experience in all aspects of small business transactions is impressive. I would recommend Sunbelt Business Brokers and Joshua Meltzer to anyone looking to sell or buy a business.  – Ted

– Joshua Meltzer goes above and beyond the usual work of a broker. He is good to work with and knowledgeable.  -Adam

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Comprehensive ExitReady™ Services

Working With Business Owners - Planning and Execution to Reap The Rewards of Your Hard Work

Opinion of Value

A free opinion of value so you know what your business is worth now and what it might be worth in the future. Discover the Value Gap so you can plan to become ExitReady™


We work with business owners to develop a plan and a process to improve the probability that you business will sell or transition for the highest and best multiple of earnings. A by product of this planning is a reduction in both business and personal risk.

Business Sale

Services we provide don't always result in an outright sale. Our target is to transition the business owner on your terms. It might be by empowering your management team to run the business, transitioning the business to the next generation, taking some chips off the table - or an outright sale of the business. We can help with whatever makes the most sense.

Business Brokerage

Business Brokerage


Buying or selling a business is generally a once in a lifetime event. Isn’t it worth having an expert on your side?
A business broker will enhance your ability to buy or sell a business at the best price and terms. We help you to package and market your business in order to attract the most buyers so you can get the best price.

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Exit Planning

Exit Planning is a dynamic strategy which will allow an owner to be ready for an exit on his or her terms. There is no best time to exit your business; but, there is a worst time – when you are not prepared and you need to exit. Too many owners exit their business when they have to because of external factors like their health, the economy, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Having a strategy for a successful exit – whenever you decide to exit, or need to exit can be the difference between a regretful exit or a successful exit.

You may decide to liquidate, sell to insiders, sell to family, sell to an ESOP or sell to an outsider. You should proactively decide which option will fulfill your retirement and lifestyle goals.

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Exit Planning
Business Valuation

Business Valuation


There are many reasons to get a business valuation – estate planning, partner buyouts, divorce, or the sale of a business are all good reasons. Many business owners are not sure if they want to sell until they know the value of their business. Different valuations for different reasons have different requirements. We can provide three different levels of business valuation, each suitable for a different purpose.